Since 1973, KIC...

Growing together with Customer

KIC's growing together strategy enabled the presence of KIC and conserved KIC renown since 1973. We will continue our efforts to make a 100 year long business with integrity and the sooner and better technology ahead of competitors. KIC export expertise since 1978 and devotions will provide each of our customers with the customized service, quick response, and high satisfied products at competitive price.


1. 100-year-old enterprise goal by Honesty,Technonolgy, Collaboration
2. Company recognized in the world for quality packaging solution provider
3. Company that benefits customers and employees and nature by continuous technology development

Reliable quality Reliable Partner

There is always packaging at the end of each production process.
With the passion and sweat of the producer, the finished product must be efficiently and functionally packaged and delivered safely and securely until it reaches the customer's hands.
Packaging must always operate accurately and reliably to ensure the smooth running of the entire process and avoid costly downtime.

KIC's products provide reliable solutions to customers' packaging lines.
Since 1973 in Bucheon, Gyeonggi-do, the devotion of KIC employees to the packaging string has continued to this day.
Starting with the first container exported to the US in 1978 to become KIC recognized in the world, 60% of its sales are exported to over 20 countries around the world.

The know-how gained from trial and error over 50 years and the hard work on the string have become a tradition in the field of KIC, and are still in operation today.
In order to reduce downtime and increase production speed in the era of high cost and low growth, an error-free packaging process must be prioritized above all else.

KIC is a family company that has been passed down for 3 generations,
raising the status of Korean products in the world for packaging straps.
We always stand in the customer's position, drawing a journey that crosses the Pacific and Atlantic oceans over the rough three months, and considers the smallest things the most precious.

We sincerely thank our customers.
KIC is not a company that makes packaging machines. However, we have listened to the voices of our customers by exporting for over 40 years for customers working in various working environments, from the world's highest quality multinational packaging machines to packaging machines that have been used for over 30 years. We think and think today to make a product that can play the role of a packaging string 100% so that the sweat and effort of customers is not wasted
It was the trust of customers that made KIC what it is today.