Polyester Strapping (15.62mm*0.89mm)

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Strap size: 15.62*0.89

Core ID x Face : 406 x 152

Length:1117 m,

B/S: 600Kg (1322.76lbs),

Surface finish: Smooth

Elongation: 12~16

Product size per coil:160 x 580

Packing: roll wrapping or Boxed

Color option: Dark Green, Transparent Green, Black

ODM Available

Polyester(PET) strapping is designed for medium duty even to heavy-duty palletizing and unitizing applications. It can be applied by hand tools or power strapping equipment. Polyester strapping material yields higher breaking strengths and retained tension. PET strapping can be used with either manual devices or on fully automated machines. KIC PET strap are well accepted in automated machine in North America.

PET strapping custom printed from orders of just a two pallets wit one off time printing plate cost. With increasingly demanding security requirements this can be a significant advantage.


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