1973 ~ Present

KIC is a 3rd generation family business and Korean manufacturer of
Polypropylene(PP) strapping and HDPE tying tape.

KIC is a 3rd generation family business and Korean manufacturer of Polypropylene(PP) strapping and PE tying tape. It is the string of love that makes the world a better place. With a sense of mission to protect the property and life of customers with string, we do our best make it right 365 days a year with not only technology but also sincerity.


- In 1973, Kyungin Chemical was established in Bucheon, Korea
Started exporting plastic packaging string to USA as the first one in Korea packaging industry in 1978.


- KIC Bucheon factory was burned down by neighbor's fire. KIC re-established the company with a joint payment guarantee of 6 customers.
- KIC exported 60% of its sales to overseas and achieved US$2 million export in 1989.


- Adding 3 extruder lines of PP strapping, KIC set up the ISO 9001 Quality management system. KIC owes Tsukasa Chemical (Japan) the improvement of quality control and technology to make high-end plastic straps.
- Transitioned to Kyungin Chemical Co., Ltd. In 1995.


- KIC expanded factories to Kimpo, Gyeonggido and Gae-Sung special complex in NK.
- Since 2007, KIC has supplied PP strapping to Samsung Electronics and its overseas Video & Display subsidiaries solely.


- KIC adopted Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) systems and IoT Smart Factory to track materials and to maximize its resources.
Registered the patent for plastic extrusion process
- KIC participated in Interpack Dusseldorf in 2014 jointly and all4pack in Paris in 2016 indepently.
- Added one line of PP strapping and meet total capacity 400 ton/month.
- Installed Manufacturing Enterprise System (MES) to track resources and product.
- Built a new factory and moved to Gimpo, Kyunggido near Incheon Int'l Airport.


- Level up the Conductive strap to world class.
- Envioroment, Society, and Govenance (ESG)
- Started to supply Carborn Neutral Strapping

- Owing to Interpack 2023 attenting, KIC added buyers across the Europe and Africa.

- Year 2024, KIC started mass production of ESD strap (Anti-static strap) for Samsung Semiconductor.