Butchery & Meat processing industry

Butchery & Meat

Meat processing industry

Box tapes are vernerable and week in wet materials. KIC PP strap has served US meat industry and cold warehouse.

KIC strap runs well owing to its rigid and straight forwarding.
Among the entire process chain strap material residue must be able to be quickly and easily cleaned. To do so, it is better to have less particles than the other of course. KIC comes into play. KIC tested various virgin resin what would be the least particle by testing in machine and its welding is carried out efficiently with less residues. KIC has supplied the strap for the cool store packaging house and deep ocean fisheries. KIC strap are reliable and deliver consistently high quality.
Farmers and fish industry customers use KIC strap directly to the product because KIC product is reliable in materials that is made of and vivid color to differentiate the goods for easy identification.

For the meat packing applications where speed and reliability are a must, KIC could be your solutions.

Why KIC strap?

1. Strength : KIC provides reliable support for securing and bundling meat products with much less dust and residue compared with that of competitors. KIC test the best virgin resin in less residue when back feeding in strapping machine.

2. Durability : The controlled elongation of straps prevents them from shifting or falling apart during handling and transportation.

3. Moisture Resistance and Alternative: The meat processing industry often deals with moisture-rich environments, and PP strapping is designed to withstand these conditions. However, the trend of the industry requires paper strapping or less consumption of PP materials. KIC is a leading maker in this scope. 

4. Food Safety Compliance: RoHS, ISO14001. PP strapping used in the butchery and meat processing industry complies with food safety regulations. It is specifically manufactured to be safe for contact with food products, ensuring it does not contaminate or adversely affect the quality of the meat.
KIC manage materials and processes through strict quality and hazardous substance management.(RoHS certifed)
- Under ISO9001 and ISO14001, KIC complies with New Zealand refrigerated distribution and Zespri standards.

5. Customizing Options : For Printed strap, KIC  PP provides AU customers with printed straps of EST 13, EST180, EST 260, EST 84, EST 2497, EST 282, EST 206, and EST 2729 for various industry. You don't need to pay anything for this printing. 

6. Recyclability and environment friendly: KIC provides GRS, and PIR certificates for our strap and its recycled resin if you need the recycled PP strap to promote your eco-friendly practices within the food industry.

7. Straight forward and rigid strap for high speed machine. It won't let you down.

8. Heat welding evenly at lower temperatures, and is quickly fused with heat.